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Graphic Designer


Rebecca Grace Thomson

Freelance / London

Portrait of Rebecca Grace Thomson

I am RT I recently graduated from Central Saint Martins and have spent the past few months finding my feet and the way I learn best beyond the university walls.

Noticing that the women within my community self-loathe on a daily basis, my most recent venture has been launching 'The Sisterhood Bootcamp'. This a weekly training programme which facilitates an environment for women to exercise together and support one another physically and mentally by introducing a healthy routine in an outdoor and social environment. I value any opportunity to help others better themselves and make day-to-day living more manageable and empowering. I situate myself and my practice within the field of social design. Every project I undertake uses design to communicate, address and solve social issues. Freelancing is one way I can give back to society whether I am redesigning hospital wards with illustration, hand-lettering memorials or creating brand strategy for local start-up projects it is not a job to me - it feels more like my responsibility. I believe ideas have the ability to empathise with an individual and the masses on a deeper emotional level, which connects with the needs of the consumer and it can therefore result in a positive change in behaviour. Every project I undertake works with real people solving real problems using design thinking as a solution.

Core skills

  • Handlettering + Modern Calligraphy
  • Branding + Brand Strategy
  • Social Media + Photography
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