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UX/UI Designer


Akshay Chauhan

Vendasta Technologies / Vancouver

Portrait of Akshay Chauhan

I love solving problems and reducing cognitive load.

What that means to the user is getting their tasks done faster, removing what will happen if I ... Qs from the minds of the people(users), setting expectation through beautiful visuals. I also like getting things done so I have to break some of my rules. My work is more functional than form. I love typography, colours and clean layouts. I try to be minimal and functional. I am in this industry, because except for some tech clusters in the world, there arent many places where design principles applied. I love apps, media but I also hope to make designs and processes more efficient so people actually live more outside of those.

Core skills

  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing and userflows
  • Typefaces
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