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Head of Design


Andrew Verboncouer

Headway / Green Bay

Portrait of Andrew Verboncouer

I'm an ex-pro athlete, business major, and self-taught designer that now pours his heart and soul (and sweat) into solving problems through UX and UI.

I love traveling and experiencing new places, cultures, and food. My wife and I moved to Hawaii for 14 months because dreams are worth chasing! I really believe in diagnosing problems before we prescribe solutions. On a daily basis I encounter entrepreneurs and clients that have an idea for a solution with a ton of assumptions behind them. I help lead teams to digest information and research completed so far to create hypothesis and prioritize our riskiest assumptions. Beyond that, I help execute on the visual design phases, prototyping, user interviews, and analyzing data.

Core skills

  • User Experience
  • User Interface & Visual Design
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