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UX/UI Designer


Cassie Matias

Freelance / New York

Portrait of Cassie Matias

I've lived in NYC for the last 10 years and worked at a variety of companies as a visual designer and consultant.

Now, I've quit my job, subletted my apartment and packed up all my belongings to go travel the world for a year and freelance design. My last 5 years were spent as a consultant at a NYC digital product design studio. With a background in visual design, I grew over the years into a Design Lead role and led teams, clients and stakeholders. Prior to that I worked in print, environmental design, advertising and branding for 5 years. I love mentoring interns and younger designers while they navigate and figure out their professional careers.

Core skills

  • UX / UI design
  • Storytelling and presentations
  • Typography
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