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Creative Director


Garrett Brown

BELAY / Newnan

Portrait of Garrett Brown

Husband, drummer, traveler, reader, outdoorsman, marketing for BELAY, lover of pizza and tacos.

I'm not just another average designer. Sure, I've got an eye for typography, love bold color, and geek out over strong brand design. But I'm also a creative strategist, project manager, and team leader (and really adventurous outdoorsman). My background, while extensive, isn't traditional. I've worked with a variety of clients and although my skill set is vast, my passion for strong brand design is coupled with a love of helping our clients kick butt. I'm not the creative who simply takes orders. I want to push our clients to the next level - help plan, ideate, and lead. This is what I do best and love most.

Core skills

  • Creative Direction
  • Identity Design / Development
  • Non-Boring Work
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