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Game Artist

Graeme Williams

Captured Dimensions / Frisco

Portrait of Graeme Williams

8 years of experience creating world-leading 3D scans in the Visual Effects industry for films and TV. Expertise with Photogrammetry, Structured-Light, Lidar, and relevant modeling software.

8 years ago, my brother and I created one of the first photogrammetry companies in the world. We\'ve since expanded from simple 3D printing to being one of the premiere 3D scanning companies in the film/TV industry. We travel across the country scanning actors and sets for high budget visual effects films such as Logan, X-Men, Venom, Alita: Battle Angel, and many others. My personal expertise is the scan acquisition and initial processing of the resulting data. Work life aside, I\'m an avid gamer (video, board, and role-play) and heavily interested in finance. I have 3 cats and I\'m probably a bit too consumed with my wine and whiskey hobby.

Core skills

  • Photogrammetry, Lidar, Structured Light scanning
  • Zbrush modeling
  • Asset development for game engines
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