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Graphic Designer


Jeana Rosado

Kirsch Drapery Hardware / Atlanta

Portrait of Jeana Rosado

I'm a fun loving designer based in the sweet south of the US. I love sharing and encouraging creative growth in others.

When I'm not creating, I enjoy exploring new places, yapping about design and finding hole in the wall eateries. Yum! All of those things allow me to continue my own personal growth in my journey as a creative. I can find inspiration anywhere! I grew up with an obsession with paper and pretty pages. So how lucky was I when I found out I could make a career out of it! With the right influences around me, early exposure to design in high school art programs and a hunger to learn more I knew this where I was headed. And I knew it would bring immense joy to my life. Well, most of the time, when my creative muse isn't M.I.A. They certainly can be tricky to contain. My design style is less is more and must always provide a function. Although I can design for the web and think of user experiences, I will be a print designer to the death. Long live print design.

Core skills

  • Print design
  • Typography, Copywriting
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