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Design Director

Jon Aizlewood

Clearleft / Brighton

Portrait of Jon Aizlewood

I’m a digital consultant and designer with over a decade of experience in the digital space. I work closely with clients of all shapes and sizes to lead their projects and bring their product’s visual language, user experience and digital branding to life.

I do this through various methods including prototyping, sketching, wireframing, research and leading design workshops and design sessions. I relish interacting with clients and understanding their wants and needs, and maintain a keen interest in design systems including style guides and pattern libraries. I’m able to work closely with developers to ensure a design remains consistent through to launch or release, and work predominantly in lean, agile environments. I enjoy moving between the finest details of design up into the bigger picture of your product’s roadmap.

Core skills

  • Interface design
  • UX design
  • Design leadership
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