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Product Designer

Meghan Yabsley

Currently Freelance / Toronto

Portrait of Meghan Yabsley

I am a product designer with an engineering background, focused on developing holistic solutions through research, testing and iteration. I strive to develop products that fit into and improve users’ lives, while maintaining a keen eye for detail and consistency.

I am a product designer, and recent graduate of Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. My degree has laid the groundwork for understanding and analyzing a variety of real-world systems, and I bring this knowledge to the table when I design. I spend time gathering information from numerous sources to deconstruct the underlying systems architecture in order to communicate and synthesize my findings to all interested stakeholders. I enjoy shadowing users and learning about their daily activities to guide the design of a product that will fit into and improve their workflow. I focus on developing holistic solutions to problems, and maintain an eye for detail throughout the process.

Core skills

  • Design thinking
  • Digital product design
  • Information architecture
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