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Graphic Designer


Rufus Spiller

Jacob & Rufus Ltd. / Hunedoara

Portrait of Rufus Spiller

Starting as a digital designer in 1998, the dot com boom, I have progressed from designer and developer to regional creative director

From 2005 to 2015 I focussed on the development of digital product; managing creative teams and projects, ensuring brand, campaign and vision were continually applied through the creative process. In 2015 I struck out on my own as Jacob & Rufus Ltd. to bring my experience and enthusiasm to clients that I believe in in a more direct way. As a creative born of the digital revolution I like to believe that anything is possible. I believe this leads to a constant exploration of what I can do. This really gets to the guts of what I believe creativity is all about, the idea of finding an innovative way to answer any problem. In 2003 with a group of like minded creatives I helped found LongLunch, a design events series that has allowed some of the worlds best creatives to talk about their work and processes to the design community in Scotland and London. This lead to mentoring at Edinburgh College of Art and Telford College.

Core skills

  • Graphic design
  • UI/UX design
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