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Design Director

Ryan Brown

Braan Creative / London

Portrait of Ryan Brown

Hi I'm Ryan, a London-based senior brand designer with a purpose to add value and inspire growth through collaborative, meaningful and effective design thinking.

I’m also a dad, husband, charity founder, mentor, rouleur, 3D hobbyist, comic book reader and collector of 90s football jerseys. In my career, I’ve worked both agency and client-side and have been fortunate to develop my passion for branding by creating meaningful brand experiences - both on and off-line - for some truly amazing clients, ranging from government and education to sport and entertainment. ​ For me, the idea is 'king’ in any creative process - regardless of the brief or medium - and is the key to creating any meaningful and memorable brand experience. I believe that creative thinking can be applied anywhere, and my purpose is to add value in any situation to help make the visions, dreams or goals of a client, colleague or mentee, a reality. ​ Having led teams of up to ten creatives, I realised a love for mentoring, and find the process of working with, learning from and helping guide other creatives, a truly rewarding experience.

Core skills

  • Branding
  • Creative Thinking
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