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Product Designer


Sebastian Tory-Pratt

Codex Protocol / Montreal

Portrait of Sebastian Tory-Pratt

I am a passionate, inventive designer with professional experience on two continents. My process moves fluently between physical and digital creation, uniting skillsets from many disciplines.

My clients have called me "articulate, willing to take risks, a big thinker." I enjoy collaboration and co-creation, and I always check my ego at the door. I want to solve problems that matter. Design and entrepreneurship are powerful skillsets in that they give us the tools to make ideas real. As a solution-oriented designer, I'm less interested in developing a distinctive style than I am in being able to accurately assess problems and marshall the resources to solve them. I take on deep projects with diverse deliverables, seeking puzzles I can really sink my teeth into. Research and end-user involvement are crucial to most of my work. I believe that a designer's most essential skill is empathy.

Core skills

  • Branding
  • Product Strategy
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